FS-ACES Program Government-Wide Shutdown Web Guidance

Forest Service (FS)
Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services (ACES)
Federal Government Funding

As a new continuing resolution or appropriations law was not passed prior to the Friday, December 21st deadline, a government shutdown has been initiated.

All FS-ACES activities on Supplement Project Agreements (SPAs) are suspended until the Agency resumes normal operations. FS-ACES Enrollees that regularly work in a government office, have a government-issued computer, and have access to Forest Service databases should follow the below instructions:

    • Secure all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), confidential, sensitive data in your work area and clear your open, accessible work space as appropriate.
    • Verify access to IT and other system(s) are not set to expire, including resetting any passwords about to expire.
    • Remove or secure all valuable personal belongings. You will not be allowed to return to the building during the furlough to collect them.
    • Secure all government equipment, especially portable electronic devices.
    • Shut down your desk top computer completely and turn off your monitor (not just a restart but shut it down).
    • Following this, turn off your government issued mobile devices and/or laptops since use is prohibited for the duration of the furlough period.

Of course, we regret the uncertainty that this shutdown may cause. Please be assured that the SSAI ACES Program Staff is committed to assisting you in every way possible. Please continue to watch your local news and this page for updates.

John D. Smith
SSAI Senior Environmental Employment Program Director

For additional information, please contact:

John Smith, SEE Director
Main SEE Program Line
Jenny Bivens, Field Operations Officer
301 578-8828
301 578-8910
734 214-4817
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