The Forest Service ACES (FS-ACES) Program

Program Overview

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The Forest Service (FS) Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program offers individuals 55 and older temporary paid assignments to provide technical services for conservation related programs and authorities carried out on National Forest Service land. The FS-ACES Program supports the work of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Forest Service. The 2008 Farm Bill (Section 1252) established the ACES Program. The authority was extended to the Forest Service in the 2014 Farm Bill (Section 8302).

Senior Service America, Inc. administers the FS-ACES Program as one of two national nonprofit organizations selected by the Forest Service. After qualified applicants are selected through SSAI’s application process, the Forest Service staff oversees the work activities of FS-ACES Enrollees while SSAI provides payroll, time record maintenance, record keeping, and administrative support. FS-ACES Enrollees are not employees of US Forest Service. Enrollees work up to 29 hours per week.

By law, FS-ACES Enrollees cannot displace or reduce the non-overtime hours, wages, or employment benefits of US Forest Service employees; perform work of US Forest Service employees who are in a layoff status from the same or a substantially-equivalent job or function; or affect existing contracts for services.

Who is eligible for the FS-ACES Program?

To be eligible, you must be at least 55 years old and legally eligible to work in the United States, and successfully pass a security background investigation.

What are the pay and benefits for FS-ACES enrollees?

Position Level reflects the four categories in the FS-ACES Program. FS-ACES Enrollees can only work up to 29 hours per week.

Position Level Position Requirements Wage Range
Level I Specialized area of study, programmatic and technical duties. 5 years of related on-the-job experience. $15.00 to $24.99
Level II Specific degree, specific technical skills and certification. 10 years of related on-the-job experience. $25.00 to $34.99
Level III Specific degree, Professional with comprehensive experience and institutional knowledge. 15 years minimum of related on-the-job experience. $35.00 to $49.99
Level IV Professional/ expert in the field of discipline. Significant institutional knowledge regarding policy or practice within the profession and on a national level. 20 years minimum of related on-the-job experience. $50.00 to $80.00

Fringe Benefits

FS-ACES Enrollees are entitled to the following fringe benefits.

  • FICA
  • Workers Compensation

For more information about the FS-ACES Program

SSAI FS-ACES Program Contacts
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How do I apply for the FS-ACES Program?

If you are interested in applying for any the FS ACES positions, please prepare a cover letter to our staff and submit your resume to following email address: or fax to (301) 578-8895.

Current openings in our FS-ACES Program

Browse the vacant positions in our FS-ACES Program for a list of current openings.

For FS-ACES Enrollees

FS-ACES Handbook

  • This is an information tool for the purpose of acquainting enrollees and FS~ ACES monitors with the policies, procedures, benefits and restrictions affecting enrollee participation in the FS~ACES Program.


  • Enrollment Activity PDF
  • Worker’s Comp Claim Form PDF
  • Enrollee Information Form PDF

FS-ACES Traveler’s Forms

FS-ACES Payroll Information