Experience Matters

Senior Service America Inc. (SSAI) is one of America’s oldest and largest non-profits delivering employment programs supporting America’s workers.  Since 1962, SSAI has delivered job training, education assistance, and support to older Americans as they pursue meaningful work opportunities.

Bridging the Gap

By 2024, 25% of workers in the US will be 55 or older. Yet, only 5% of corporate and workforce development grants go to workforce development for the 50+ community. SSAI is bridging that gap. We connect low-income women, Veterans, workers with records, and others age 50+ with employers who value a productive, diverse workplace.

Our Future

We have assessed the future of the American workforce and created a strategic vision on how best to prepare the growing segment of older workers for the next century. In 2019 and beyond, our goal is to expand to all 50 states, become the national leader in the 50+ workforce space, and create platforms that generate 50% of our income from non-federal sources.