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Making SCSEP Visible

If you’re a subgrantee of Senior Service America, Inc., you are focused every day on delivering programs that are efficient and effective. But you won’t be able to accomplish your goals unless older people in your community come to your door. Some of that happens already because more older Americans…

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Seniors walk longer bridge to retirement

The idea of retirement as some sort of flashing “game over” sign for older workers seems to hold less and less weight. Instead of working right up to ages 65-67 — what the U.S. Social Security Administration considers full retirement age — and bidding goodbye to the labor market, many…

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Practice Completing an Employment Application

Today’s employers often require an online application – and completing one can be a challenge! Please click our Online Job Application Tool to practice. When finished, you will receive an email with a copy of the information you have provided for future use. Good luck!