Leading The Future of Work

Since our founding in 1962, SSAI has become the only national entity dedicated exclusively to employment for workers age 50+. Older workers bring experience, emotional intelligence, and generational diversity to the workplace. They are reliable, loyal, and mature. Yet, only 5% of workforce development grants go to workforce development for the 50+ community. SSAI is bridging that gap and leading the way forward for 50+ workforce development.

Older Americans trained
Live at/below 125% of the poverty level
at risk of homelessness or homeless
have at least one year of college
are female
are a minority
are formerly incarcerated workers
are veterans or qualified spouses of veterans

A New Vision for Older Workers

We have to recognize the value of our nation’s longevity economy. Those are individuals who are 50 and over, who contribute almost eight trillion dollars towards GDP. They represent people who’ve had careers or actively engaged in the workforce. 

Gary A. Officer, President & CEO