Empowering Older Veterans

While the majority of unemployed Veterans are 45 years and older, the number of programs to support their transition into the workforce is minimal. This is why Senior Service America’s mission is so critical. We offer re-training and educational opportunities for older Veterans who served in positions where their skills are less transferable into the civilian workforce.

Our workforce development programs expand the marketable work skills of our older Veterans. We then connect our trained participants with employers who recognize the value of those skills.

of unemployed Veterans are age 45 and over
of Veterans experiencing sheltered homelessness are age 51 or older
the number of Veteran women experience homelessness compared to all women
Veterans served by SSAI

Workforce Development for Older Veterans

For Veterans

SSAI’s programs focus on developing both new and existing workforce skills for Veterans. Veterans with fewer directly transferable skills from their military service particularly benefit from SSAI training, which not only addresses the specific needs of unemployed Veterans with skills training, but also capitalizes on the discipline, communication, and leadership skills that Veterans bring to the workforce.

SSAI matches Veterans with career counselors to identify the attributes, skills, and experiences they bring to an organization. 

For Employers

SSAI’s training programs for Veterans create a pipeline of trained talent for employers, with a specific focus on technology. SSAI takes a customized approach to Veteran hiring by focusing more on skill sets than on specialty areas, and by supporting mentorship programs.

SSAI assists employers to better onboard and retain Veterans with increased cultural competence concerning military populations, ensuring that management, employees, and HR professionals are informed about military culture, which emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and skill-building.

Our challenge is to build strategies and collaborations with Veterans’ groups, employers, and funders to get as many of our older Veterans back into the workforce as possible.  That’s something that I believe in and that I believe is achievable.

Gary A. Officer, President and CEO